Artist / Designer / Builder of Guitars / MPLS enthusiast

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My Name is Jacob Swogger. People also call me Jake. I live in Minneapolis, MN with my wife, two sons, and a whippet named Grover.

I design and build guitars ( I try to make more time to actually play guitar.

I draw monsters playing guitar and think about Fraggle Rock, Willowthe Never Ending Story or how cool the packaging for G1 Transformers was. Lately I've been thinking a lot about heavier things while still trying to hold onto some of that wonder and mystery. 8 Years of lutherie has given my work a lot more patience and intent and all the various work I do feeds right back into the next medium I make in and with. 

I like water.

I bike.

In a past existence I played in the Umbrella Sequence. 

I play in band called Rupees now ( with my BFFF and tUS co-conspirator, Ryan Rupprecht.

Hit me up if the spirit moves ya. 

Photo: Ryan Rupprecht

Photo: Ryan Rupprecht