The Dusty Strobe Lights -  Summer EP

Screen Shot of still active Dusty Strobe Lights myspace page

Screen Shot of still active Dusty Strobe Lights myspace page

The Dusty Strobe Lights Summer EP, Jacob Swogger, Producer, Composer, Performer, Album Artwork, 2009

My mom is a teacher. I once visited her classroom and as a scruffy, long-haired me popped in, a 1st grader exclaimed, "look Mrs. Swogger, a werewolf!". 

After The Umbrella Sequence fizzled out in 2008, I bought a pedal steel guitar and made a little record as if I was a werewolf that was into electronic-country music. I named it after some high school friends' fake band, The Dusty Strobe Lights. It was the first time I truly worked on my own in music.

The Duluth Tribune described the digital-only Summer EP this way: "The songs produced by this Umbrella Sequence member (as the Dusty Strobe Lights) on the "Summer" EP fill you with such a penetrating wave of glistening beauty that it's almost unbearable. Remember the first time you got lost in the Polyphonic Spree's "Soldier Girl" or the Format's "Snails"? It's a lot like that. While this four-track record is all too brief, I'm sure you'll agree with me that more music should make you feel this way." 

Which is an incredibly nice thing to say about any endeavor.

I played three shows with various lineups, 2-piece, 4-piece, 5-piece then after 8 years and hundreds of shows with my previous band, I decided I needed to take a significant break from performing music and the project was shelved.